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Get playlist items data on 'YouTube'


  part = c("contentDetails", "id", "snippet", "status"),
  fields = NULL,
  cl = NULL



Playlist ID, see ryt_get_playlists.


The part parameter specifies a comma-separated list of one or more playlistItem resource properties that the API response will include. see API documentation.


The fields parameter filters the API response, which only contains the resource parts identified in the part parameter value, so that the response only includes a specific set of fields. see API documentation.


A cluster object created by makeCluster, or an integer to indicate number of child-processes (integer values are ignored on Windows) for parallel evaluations (see Details on performance).


tibble with playlist items details


Parts and fields part:

  • contentDetails

  • id

  • snippet

  • status

parts and fields details

  • kind - Identifies the API resource's type. The value will be youtube#playlistItemListResponse.

  • etag - The Etag of this resource.

  • id - The ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the playlist item.

  • snippet - The snippet object contains basic details about the playlist item, such as its title and position in the playlist.

    • snippet/publishedAt - The date and time that the item was added to the playlist.

    • snippet/channelId - The ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the user that added the item to the playlist.

    • snippet/title - The item's title.

    • snippet/description - The item's description.

    • snippet/thumbnails - A map of thumbnail images associated with the playlist item.

    • snippet/thumbnails/(key) - Valid key values are: default, medium, high, standard, maxres

    • snippet/thumbnails/(key)/url - The image's URL.

    • snippet/thumbnails/(key)/width - The image's width.

    • snippet/thumbnails/(key)/height - The image's height.

    • snippet/channelTitle - The channel title of the channel that the playlist item belongs to.

    • snippet/videoOwnerChannelTitle - The channel title of the channel that uploaded this video.

    • snippet/videoOwnerChannelId - The channel ID of the channel that uploaded this video.

    • snippet/playlistId - The ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the playlist that the playlist item is in.

    • snippet/position - The order in which the item appears in the playlist.

    • snippet/resourceId - The id object contains information that can be used to uniquely identify the resource that is included in the playlist as the playlist item.

    • snippet/resourceId.kind - The kind, or type, of the referred resource.

    • snippet/resourceId/videoId - If the snippet.resourceId.kind property's value is youtube#video, then this property will be present and its value will contain the ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify the video in the playlist.

  • contentDetails - The contentDetails object is included in the resource if the included item is a YouTube video. The object contains additional information about the video.

    • contentDetails/videoId - The ID that YouTube uses to uniquely identify a video.

    • contentDetails/note - A user-generated note for this item. The property value has a maximum length of 280 characters.

    • contentDetails/videoPublishedAt - The date and time that the video was published to YouTube.

  • status - The status object contains information about the playlist item's privacy status.

    • status/privacyStatus - The playlist item's privacy status.


if (FALSE) {
# get playlist ids and title
pl <- ryt_get_playlists(part = c('id', 'snippet'), fields = 'items(id, snippet/title)')

# get itemms of first playlist
pli <- ryt_get_playlist_items(
    playlist_id = pl$id[1],
    part = c('contentDetails', 'snippet'),
    fields = 'items(id,snippet/channelId,snippet/title,contentDetails/videoId)'